In 10th grade, I wrote a full-length novel. It was terrible.

Of course, I didn't know that at the time. I thought my book was great and probably didn't even need any editing.

I sent it out to publishers, proudly telling them my age and genuinely believing this was a selling point (I can thank Christopher Paolini, who started writing Eragon at age 15, for that idea).

I received several rejection emails, one of which was personalized and very kind. With some disappointment, I realized I had not written the next hot young-adult novel. I ultimately decided not to keep pushing my book on publishers, saving myself a marginal amount of present-day embarrassment when I reflect on questionable past decisions.

I still craft and polish stories, but now in a visual format. As a video editor, I love finding the most compelling way to put the footage together. I scrutinize the details, valuing concise cuts as much as artistic epics. And who knows, maybe someday I'll edit the inevitable movie adaptation of the next hot young-adult novel.



  • Pointing out typos with barely concealed delight

  • I drive a stick shift

  • Surprisingly muscular calves for my size


  • Don't have the ability to care about sports

  • Get stressed out by drive-thrus

  • Low tolerance for spicy food


  • Working myself up over Facebook comments on news articles

  • Worrying about drowning even when I'm not near water

  • Refusing to look past grammatical errors


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