Modesty is overrated. Smirnoff tells it like it is, just like you do once you've had a few.





Bottles line the wall behind the bar. A woman walks up to order a drink, taking a spot next to a bearded man looking at his phone.

The bartender comes over.

WOMAN: A shot of Smirnoff, please.

The bearded man looks over at her in distaste.

MAN: You drink Smirnoff? (scoffs) I have self-respect.

The bartender sets a frozen strawberry daiquiri in front of the man, who then sucks loudly on the straw. He types away at his phone, and in quick succession we see:

He posts a shirtless mirror selfie on Instagram.

He writes "#like4follow" on his own post.

He sends a text to someone named Jenny saying, "Thanks for not replying, I hope you got fat."

He sends another text to Jenny saying, "I'm too good for you anyway."

TITLE SLATE: Smirnoff: Enjoyed by most.